A healthier Anne Arundel County starts with you

Choose Kaiser Permanente for a health system that keeps up with your health needs

Getting even the most routine health care can be anything but routine—especially as we all deal with the COVID-19 crisis. That’s where Kaiser Permanente is different. As the region’s leading health system,1​ we’re uniquely built to deliver care in this new world of health care.

Our system connects your doctors, health plan, pharmacy, and hospitals together to provide care that works better for you. Your average health plans can’t do that. Because our award­-winning doctors1​ work with you to make your health decisions instead of an insurance company, they can focus on delivering the right care for you. And the clinical excellence of our specialists — orthopedists, cardiologists, podiatrists, dermatologists — helps to deliver the best health outcomes.

The Kaiser Permanente Difference

A pioneer in telehealth

Kaiser Permanente members have been using telehealth for years, with hundreds of patients served at home each day. Our telehealth means you can access care by phone, video, or email while still receiving the same level of care and safety you get from in-person visits.

You can conveniently get care not only from your primary doctor, but also from Urgent Care and from any of our specialists, including those in behavioral health, dermatology, pediatrics, podiatry, and more.


24/7 care and advice by phone

Call us for advice when you need it most. We’ll help you find out what care is right for you, schedule appointments, and more.




Fill out a short online questionnaire about your symptoms and get personalized self-care advice from a Kaiser Permanente provider.



Video Visit

Want a convenient, secure way to see a doctor wherever you are? Meet face-to-face online. Ask your doctor if video visits are available to you3.


Phone Visit

Have a condition that doesn’t require an in-person exam? Schedule a phone appointment with your doctor.




Email your doctor’s office anytime with nonurgent questions. You’ll usually get a response within two business days—if not sooner.


Working together against COVID-19

We’re taking every precaution in our medical centers to keep our members, staff, and communities safe and healthy. This includes:

  • Requiring masks for entry
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures
  • Expanded telehealth options, and more.

Our system enables us to continue to deliver the care our members need, while at the same time helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 through our communities.

Requiring masks for entry

Enhanced cleaning procedures

Expanded telehealth options, and more.

See for yourself

Don’t just take our word for it. See how we help members thrive at every step of their health journeys.

The know-how to outsmart cancer

If you’re facing cancer, you want to feel like you have support—like you’re not alone. That’s why there’s no better place for you to fight cancer than with Kaiser Permanente.

Our doctors are recognized for their clinical excellence​ and skilled at a comprehensive range of treatments. They work on responsive care teams focused on prevention, early screenings for better detection, and cutting-edge medicine, creating a care infrastructure around you.

This system of care produces the best outcomes, caring for the whole you at every point in your treatment.


Care how you want it

With so much going on nowadays, your health can be an afterthought. You need health care for the way you live today. And Kaiser Permanente’s health care system offers multiple telehealth services that flex to fit your lifestyle.

Whether in person, by phone, via email, or with video visits, we offer more avenues to get care when and where you need it. Our system offers these practical access points because it’s built on one of the largest private electronic health record systems in the world.

By keeping the lines of communication open between your doctors, specialists, providers, and all locations, we stay better connected to each other and to you. ​

The result is more proactive, convenient, and cost-effective care delivery, making it easier for you to stay healthy—wherever you are. ​


Get better faster with connected care

Disjointed health plans—and having to jump through hoops to stay healthy—are unfortunately today’s standard when it comes to care. But not at Kaiser Permanente.

In our integrated system of health care, doctors, facilities, pharmacies, and health coverage function as a community devoted to the patient’s well-being. We’ve removed the barriers between our services so that when you engage with one, you’re automatically connected to all the others. This leads to more convenience, improved collaboration, and better outcomes.

At Kaiser Permanente, nothing stands between our patients and their care—so you can feel confident that all of your health needs are being met, when you need it.

Your care is covered

Check out some of the benefits typically covered by our HMO plans. Ask the Human Resources benefits team where you work for your specific Kaiser Permanente benefits and rates.
  • Preventive health office visits
  • Preventive health screenings
  • Office visits for illness, primary care, and specialty care
  • Prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum care ​
  • Diagnostic tests and procedures, X-rays, and lab services
  • Specialty imaging such as CT, MRI, PET scan, and nuclear medicine
  • Inpatient hospital care4
    Inpatient hospital physician services4
  • Inpatient and outpatient care for chemical dependency and mental health services4
  • Inpatient care for therapy and rehabilitation services4

Care in your neighborhood

You’re on the go, so we have several medical centers where you can get outstanding health care in Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas, and 35 locations across the Mid-Atlantic region (and growing). Each is designed so you get more done in one trip, like seeing your doctor, getting a lab test, and more. Why not tour the location closest to you today—right on this screen—before you make your health plan decision?

With so much under one roof, you’re saving time because there’s less traveling, less waiting, and less hassle. And you could save on the hidden costs of transportation, parking, and babysitters.